Sao Paulo, Brasil, 1964



1990 Bachelor of Arts from the Faculty of Arts Alcântara Machado (FAAM), São Paulo Brazil.



2019     Living in an Abstract World [Part 01]. DIDAC - DARDO Instituto do Deseño e das Artes Contemporáneas. Santiago de Compostela. Curated by David Barro

             Living in an abstract world [Part 02]. Church of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Curated by David Barro


2018    Light Incarnate in Body/Body Evanesced in Light. Curated by Douglas de Freitas. House of Bandeirante. São Paulo

             Living in an abstract world. Casa Triângulo Gallery. São Paulo.

             Living in an abstract world. Fernando Pradilla Gallery. Madrid


2017    In a State of Suspension. Aomori Contemporary Art Center. Aomori. Japan.Zerbini. Barrão Albano. Curated by Douglas de Freitas. Marcelo Campos and Felipe Scovino. Santander Cultural. Porto Alegre. Brazil


2016    Em Estado de Suspenção. Curated by Cauê Alves. Brazilian Sculpture Museum (MUBE). São Paulo


2015    Self-portrait as light. Curated by Alice Gray and Steven Matjico. Contemporary Arts Center. Cincinnati. U.S.A.  

            Self portrait as light. Curated by Alice Gray and Steven Matjico. 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Arts. Louisville USA.


2014     Anatomy of light. Curated by Cauê Alves. OI Futuro Institute of Innovation and Creativity. Rio de Janeiro.

             Amor fati. Curated by Josué Mattos. Ribeirão Petro Art Museum. Brazil

             The Light Man - Long live our King. Carpe Diem Art and research space. Lisbon.


2013     Anatomy of Light. Invaliden1 Galerie, Berlin.


2012     Crystallization of the landscape. Bodson Gallery. Brussels. Belgium

             Independence or Death! Viva nosso Rei. Albano Afonso and Sandra Cinto. Graça Brandão Gallery. Lisbon. Portugal


2011     Nature. Intervention on the façade of the Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital. São Paulo.


2010     The garden. The return of infinity. Part 1-The day. Arthur Fidalgo Gallery. Rio de Janeiro.

              The garden. The return of infinity. Part 2 - The night. Triangle House Gallery. São Paulo.   



2019     Past/Future/Present: Contemporary Art in the MAM Collection. Curated by Vanessa Davidson and Cauê Alves. MAM.  São Paulo. Brazil

             Transatlantic. Language and word(s) in Ibero-American art. Curated by Francisco Carpio. Fernando Pradilla Gallery. Madrid. Spain

             STUDIOLO XXI: design and affinities. Curated by Fátima Lambert. Centro de Arte e Cultura da Fundação Eugénio de Almeida. Évora. Portugal

      Passado/Futuro/Presente: Arte Contemporáneo brasileño en el acervo del Museu de Arte Moderno. (MAM) Sao Paulo. Brasil


 2018     Hybridity: the supernatural. Curated by Alice Gray Sities. 21C Museum. Durham USA.

              Efraim's selection. Curated by Efraim Almeida. Graça Brandão Gallery.   Lisbon. Portugal

              Fernelmont Contemporary Art Festival. Château de Fernelmont. Belgium

              Because I am another: Works from the Norlinda and José Lima Collection. Curated by Miguel Amado. Águeda Art Center. Portugal


2017     Contemporary Brazilian Art from the Museum of Modern Art. Curated by Dr. Vanessa K. Davidson and Cauê Alves. Phoenix Art Museum. Phoenix. U.S.A.

             Truth or Dare: A Reality Show. Curated by Alice Gray Sities. 21C Museum Hotel. Louisville. U.S.A.

             Overexposure. Curated by Juan José Santos. Contemporary Art Space. Montevideo. Uruguay

             Money Laundering. Curated by Rodolfo Andaur. SixtyEight Art Institute. Copenhagen. Denmark

             VER. Travessa da Ermida.  Curated by Paulo Longo and Mariana Salgueiro. Largar das Varas and Capela de S. Dâmaso. Historical Village of Idanha-a-Velha.   Portugal

             Abstraction. The Museum Gallery. Bogota. Colombia

             Code Osnova Gallery. Moscow. Russia

             Ways to see Brazil: Itaú Cultural 30 years. Curated by Paulo Herkenhoff.  Thaís Rivitti and Leno Veras. OCA. São Paulo.

             21st Century: The Age of Artists. Curated by Katia Canton. Museum of Contemporary Art - USP. São Paulo.

             The source of Duchamp: 100 years of Contemporary Art. Curated by José Francisco Alves. Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum. Porto Alegre. Brazil

             Specchio Paulo Reis. Curated by David Barro. Paulo Reis Hall. DIDAC.  Santiago de Compostela.


2016     Abstraction.  Fernando Pradilla Gallery. Madrid.  

             Many and one. Contemporary Art in the Collection of Andrea and José Olympio Prereira. Curated by Robert Storr. Tomie Ohtake Institute. São Paulo.

             In powder form. An overview of the MAM Rio collections. Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

             The State of Art. Curated by Maria Alice Millet. IFF. Figueiredo Ferraz Institute. Ribeirão Preto. Brazil

             Dialogues in the Acervo. 30 works by the Fundación Bienal de Arte de Cerveira in Exhibition. Casa das Artes de Arcos Valdevez. Cerveira. Portugal

             Engraving club. 30 years old. Curated by Cauê Alves. MAM. Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo. São Paulo.

             Affective Constellations. 10 years in Lisbon. Graça Brandão Gallery. Lisbon.

             The Power of Love. Curated by Gustavo Urruty. Château de Fernelmont. Belgium


2015    10th Mercosul Biennial. Curated by Gaudência Fidelis. Porto Alegre. Brazil

            TRIO Biennial. Who says that tomorrow does not exist? Curated by Marcus Lontra. Rio de Janeiro.

            Opaque Landscape. Curated by Felipe Chaimovich. Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo. São Paulo.

            Matérias do Mundo: Art & Industry. Curated by Marcus Lontra. USP Contemporary Art Museum. São Paulo.

            Ichariba Chode. Brazilian Contemporary Art. Plaza North Gallery. Saitama. Japan

            Albano Afonso / Sandra Cinto. Japan Fine Art Laboratory/FA. Musashino Art University Gallery. FAL. Tokyo. Japan

            The Spirit of each Epoch. Curated by Rejane Cintrão. Instituo Figueiredo Ferraz. Ribeirão Preto. Brazil

            25 Years of the Program of exhibitions of the CCSP. Curated by Maria Adelaide Pontes and Márcio Harum. São Paulo Cultural Center.

            Beauty? Curated by Pamela Prado. São Paulo Cultural Center.


2014    Doble Look - Sergio Carvalho Collection. Palace of Arts. Sao Paulo.

            Eclipse. Pinacoteca of São Caetano. Sao Paulo.

            Between two worlds. Contemporary art Japan-Brazil. African Museum. Sao Paulo.  Itaú Collection of Brazilian Photography. Museum of Contemporary Art of Ceará. Fortaleza.


2013    First International Biennial of Photography. Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MASP) and Oscar Niemeyer Museum. Curitiba.

            Crossed Circuits. Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo.

            Hello Future.  Portuguese Communications Foundation. Lisbon

            The plots of time in contemporary art: aesthetic or poetic? Figueiredo Ferraz Institute. Ribeirao in Preto.

            Itaú Collection of Brazilian Photography. Tomie Ohtake Institute. Sao Paulo.

            Now or before: a synthesis of the archive of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo (MACUSP).


2011     Construction and destruction of Brazilian art. Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels

             The way he looks at us. Galician Centre of Contemporary Art of Santiago de Compostela.

             Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation. Vigo.

             The collector of dreams. Figueiredo Ferraz Institute. Sao Paulo.


2010     Seven Artists of São Paulo. Brussels Art Centre. (CAB)

             This is Brazil! Alfonso PALEXCO Kiosk. La Coruña.

             City lights. Public intervention in Tiradentes Square in Rio de Janeiro. Contemporary Routes. Museum of Contemporary Art of Sorocaba de Sao Paulo.

             Independence or death. Atelier Fidalga. São Paulo.

             Recent donations. Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo.

             I was what you are and you will be what I am. Palace of Arts. Sao Paulo.


2010     29th São Paulo Biennial. There is always a raft for man to navigate. São Paulo.

             Art and Politics: Other Views. Teixeira de Barros. Ribeirao Preto Art Museum. Sao Paulo.

             Ideal Project. Museum of Contemporary Art. Santiago de Chile

             Fiat Lux. Union Fenosa Contemporary Art Museum (MACUF). La Coruña.



2009     Biennial of Cerveira

2005     open ev+a

1994     Acquisition Award. Santo André Museum of Contemporary Art. Brazil



21c Museum Foundation's. Louisville Kentucky. USA

CAB. Art Center Brussels. Belgium 

Camâra Municipal de Cerveira. Portugal 

BES Collection. Lisbon. Portugal

Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection. Museum of Contemporary Art of Rio de Janeiro.

Drake Collection. Holland / ARCO Foundation. Spain 

Galician Center for Contemporary Art. Santiago de Compostela. 

Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation. Vigo Spain 

Junta de Extremadura. Badajoz Spain 

Inhotim - Contemporary Art Center. Brumadinho. Brazil 

Figueiredo Ferraz Institute. Ribeirão Preto. Brazil

Brazilian Art Museum of the Armando Álvares Machado Foundation. São Paulo. Brazil 

Museum of Modern Art Aluisio Magalhães. Recife Brazil 

Dragâo do Mar Museum of Contemporary Art. Fortaleza. Brazil 

Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo. São Paulo. Brazil / Museum of Contemporary Art of Santo André. Brazil 

Museum of Contemporary Art of the Universidade de Sâo Paulo. Brazil / Pinacoteca da Cidade de São Paulo. CCSP. Brazil 

University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art. England.