Starsky Brines

Starsky Brines
Caracas, Venezuela, 1977.
Holds a degree in Visual Arts from the University Armando Reverón de Caracas.
In his pictorial work, of clear neo-expressionist influence, Brines uses a variety of media such as collage, drawing, objects, photography and painting to narrate stories of absurd content that have as their starting point scenes from everyday life. His characters are hybrids between humans and animals, often with the dyes of superheroes of comics. Popular culture and the media have great protagonism in his canvases and drawings. Starsky Brines uses vivid colours and marked lines that refer to children's drawings, street graffiti and the fauve movement. Intriguing, between the innocent and the guilty, his characters are familiar and threatening at the same time.
Starsky Brines work is represented in several art collections such as BURGER Collection, Zurich, Switzerland; Koo House Museum of Art & Design Collection, Seoul, Korea; National Museum of China, Beijing; Mercantile Collection, Caracas, Venezuela; MAAA Acarigua, Araure, Venezuela and the collection ARS DDB, Caracas, Venezuela.