EMILIO GAÑAN. «Volumes and reticles»

EMILIO GAÑAN.«Volumes and reticles». Francisco Sobrino Museum, Guadalajara, Spain. “Emilio Gañán has confronted his work by articulating a repertoire, so his creations are manifested in a succession of effects, acquired their meaning when contemplating others, an event in our encounter with the whole. As if rooted in concepts capable of uniting one or other works …

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ALBERTO BARAYA at the Casa Vicens Gaudí.

ALBERTO BARAYA. “A pesar de la niebla, primeras flores. Oriente y los orientalismos, del modernismo a la modernidad”. Casa Vicens Gaudí. Barcelona, Spain. Curated by: Menene Gras. 25 april 2023 – 27 january 2024.

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