NADÍN OSPINA at Juan March Foundation.

ANTES DE AMÉRICA. Fuentes originarias en la cultura moderna. This exhibition illustrates a long process based on sources dating back to long before Europeans christened an entire continent America: that of the reinterpretation, in modern and contemporary culture, of the forms and meanings of ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures, from Alaska to Patagonia. The exhibition begins …

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ÓSCAR ABRAHAM PABÓN. «Psicoarquitectura» in Fundación Mies van Der Rohe de Barcelona.

With the intervention Psicoarquitectura, Óscar Abraham Pabón address the constructive materiality of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion from its interpretive and psychological dimension. Óscar Abraham Pabón, artist and architect, born in Venezuela, currently lives in Barcelona. His practice combines his interests between sculpture, philosophy and public space. Open doors.16.09.2023. 10h.

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