Emilio Gañán

Plasencia, Spain, 1971.
He lives and works between Plasencia and Madrid.

Emilio Gañán's painting is framed in the so-called "sensitive geometry", with a clear Latin American influence, where mathematical rigour gives way to the action of the subconscious and the sensual presence of matter and gesture. In this sense, the artist affirms: "The composition is organized in the form of construction or spatial route. Like Paul Klee, I take the lines for a walk and they follow their own will".

It is a work that is based on the line on the plane, a line that creates a whole series of rhythms on the monochrome surface, and that confers unity to his compositions through oppositional games and ruptures. The artist maintains a permanent search for new ideas that result in changes of scale, voids, plenums and new compositions because for Gañán it is essential that the work recovers a certain dose of uncertainty, that it feeds on unforeseen aspects.

Emilio Gañán holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, Spain, where he currently teaches painting. His work is represented in institutional collections such as the Junta de Castilla y León; Colección Caja de Extremadura; Museo Extremeño de Arte Contemporáneo (MEIAC) as well as in numerous international private collections such as Norman Foster's collection.

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