Fernando Sinaga

Zaragoza, España, 1951
Lives and works in Salamanca, Spain.

Fernando Sinaga belongs to a generation of sculptors arised in the 80´s in Spain, which work is vinculated with worries where the perception and experience of the public are part of his esthetic speech. The time and the space are essential categories in the conception of his work, also the destiny and fate. In his sculptoric work he intersects the textual part with his material and formal investigation. -Sinaga is professor of sculpture in the University of Salamanca- and his writtings and interviews had been published because of his exhibition in Zona, in the Domus Artium of Salamanca.

Sinaga is one of the spanish artists who more reflects about public art, doing different institutional projects like spectral screens over the Ebro river, in the International Exhibition of Zaragoza in 2008. His sculpture work had been in important exhibitions like "La estancia inhóspita, IVAM, 2005 e IDEAS K, MUSAC, 2012" and his work is represented in the principal public, private and international institutions, for example the MNCARS, the IVAM and the Kunstsammlung der Ruhr-Universität in Bochum, Germany.

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