Jorge Cabieses

Lima, Peru, 1971.
He lives and works in Lima, Peru.

Studied Fine Arts at the Corriente Alterna School in Lima.

His work of geometric and spatial character makes reference to elements and colors extracted from the Peruvian popular culture. From planes, lines and fields of color he constructs a pictorial work that questions the spectator's gaze and takes it towards new meanings where the image, sometimes hidden by the geometry itself, is projected towards other realities. Cabieses propitiates new spaces of reflection for the painting where to confront with canons traditionally linked to the construction of the image in Latin America as the obsession by the narration. In his work, the artist proposes the alternative of a constructive and spatial tension where the painting goes out of its own limits to appropriate the space. The work of Jorge Cabieses is developed in a variety of supports such as canvas, wood, lithographic images of the time and paper, in all of them the artist proposes a new way of looking at painting.

Jorge Cabieses has been selected in 2012 and 2014 for the Grants and Commissions Program of the Cisneros Foundation (CIFO) for emerging artists. His work has been exhibited at the Museo de Lima (MALI); at the Casa de América in Madrid and at the Museo de la Nación in Lima. He has also been selected by curator Cecilia Fajardo Hill for the Latin American Art Collection Sagayo & Pardon (2014), as well as for the exhibition Ojo Latino Miradas de un continente de la Colección Luciano Benetton (2009), presented at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santiago de Chile. His works can be found in prestigious art collections such as the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Eduardo Hochschild, Tanya Capriles and Luciano Benetton.

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