Rodríguez Silva

Olivares, Seville, 1960.

He has a degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville.

Rodríguez Silva puts the accent on the most extreme place of abstraction, monochromy. For the Sevillian artist, the mere act of spreading a pigment on a surface is already considered an artistic fact in itself. The different formats and thicknesses of the oil painting assume the protagonism of the work and invite the spectator to enjoy its three-dimensional aspect. Using the fragment as a structural element, the artist develops complex works that encourage interaction between modular elements.

The artist takes an essentialist stance towards artistic practice, while his main plastic preoccupation concentrates on the material and concrete aspects of painting. Showing the contrast between the inert and dehumanized character of metal and the organic quality of pictorial matter, his work (naked with artifice, imperturbable and synthetic) pursues maximum visual intensity with the minimum and indispensable use of plastic elements.

His work is represented in prestigious Andalusian institutional and corporate collections such as the Unicaja collection; Colección Cajasol; Palacio Conde Duque de Olivares; Ayuntamiento de Huelva; Ayuntamiento de Cádiz and the Junta de Andalucía Collection, among numerous private collections.

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