Victoria Encinas

Madrid, 1962

Victoria Encinas is a key figure in understanding the artistic movements that developed in Madrid in the eighties. In a decisive time in which modernity was forged in Spain, she promotes and directs the independent art space Poisson Soluble, a neo-dadaist and multidisciplinary inspired project conceived as an experimental room for artists.

The work of Victoria Encinas shows the investigation she makes about the properties of the objects, not matter if It is bidemensional or tridimensional, and innto the psychic elements and random elements that act during the construction process of the work. Her plastic interests are base don aproches from Dadaism and the Anti-form movement and the concept of “soft sculpture”, where the performative, the textual and the process play determining role. It is a self-referential and non-representative work that is built from properties inherent to materials and substances, such as color, shape and their internal chemistry, a work that understands their manipulation and analysis as a way of knowledge.

Since her first solo exhibitions in the late ninetys in galleries such as Fúcares o Valle Quintana and her emblematic exhibition in the Pemasa Garage in the year 2000. Victoria Encinas has exhibited her work in various private galleries and institutional spaces such as the Reina Sofía Museum (MNCARS) and the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M).

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