EMILIO GAÑAN. «Volumes and reticles»

< EMILIO GAÑAN. «Volumes and reticles»

Volúmenes y retículas.

Francisco Sobrino Museum, Guadalajara, Spain.

“Emilio Gañán has confronted his work by articulating a repertoire, so his creations are manifested in a succession of effects, acquired their meaning when contemplating others, an event in our encounter with the whole. As if rooted in concepts capable of uniting one or other works -whether paintings, drawings or collages and sculptures-, these or those series and formal reflections, it is possible to find resonances running through her twenty-five years of career, echoes like the permanent presence of a narrating voice. For this reason, all of Emilio Gañán’s work could be considered, rather, the machination of an extraordinary device of thinking.” Alfonso de la Torre.

Photographer: Calixto Berrocal.

28 july 2023 – 24 september 2023.